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Hark, O reader of the Keeper Blogs! I—Daniel!—have come to talk about iguanas. And not just any iguanas, but some particularly cute ones: the Grand Cayman blue iguana (Cyclura lewisi) and the San Salvador iguana (Cyclura rileyi rileyi). I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that, given that you’re the kind of … Continue reading "Iguanas!"

A new giraffe greeting

Hi friends! My name is Katelyn, and I am on the Hoofstock Care Team here at Zoo Atlanta. If you have visited us before, you probably know the Zoo’s two male reticulated giraffes as Etana and Isooba. Surprise! Their names are actually Calvin (Etana) and Lennard (Isooba). Etana and Isooba were names given to them … Continue reading "A new giraffe greeting"


Citizen scientists documented sightings of more than 55 bird species between February 17 and 24 ATLANTA – February 28, 2023 – Zoo Atlanta is pleased to announce the winners of its Birds, Backyards, and Beyond Contest, hosted in support of the Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count. The First Place Grand Prize was the winner’s choice … Continue reading "ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE BIRDS, BACKYARDS, AND BEYOND CONTEST"

Panda Updates- Monday, February 27

Hey everyone! My name is Christina and I am one of the two Swing Keepers in the Mammal Department here at Zoo Atlanta. That means that I get to work in the Carnivore, Hoofstock, and Panda areas. I am new to the panda side of things and have just finished training on how to take … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, February 27"

Black American Trailblazers in Conservation

February is Black History Month. Throughout this month, people around the nation have celebrated the accomplishments of African Americans in their fields, as well as individuals who have changed our country and the world for the better. At Zoo Atlanta, we recognize the great achievements of those who were trailblazers in wildlife conservation. These are … Continue reading "Black American Trailblazers in Conservation"


Two-year-old sisters will be visible to Members and guests in coming weeks ATLANTA – February 24, 2023 – Zoo Atlanta welcomes Ruby and Rose, two female red pandas, to the animal population. The 2-year-old sisters arrived in Atlanta on February 23, 2023, from Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee. The pair will complete a routine quarantine period … Continue reading "WELCOME RUBY AND ROSE THE RED PANDAS"

The story of tadpoles

As a rule, one cannot make many generalizations about most aspects of reproduction in amphibians; their reproductive habits simply are too diverse across the group. Their reproductive diversity perhaps is rivaled only by plants, fishes, and many groups of invertebrates. Some of their strategies are just bizarre, such as the Surinam “toad” (Pipa pipa) of … Continue reading "The story of tadpoles"

Panda Updates- Monday, February 20

It is never lost on me what a privilege it is to be able to work with the giant pandas. I was recently reminded of this fact when I watched Yang Yang’s wakeup routine. Something unique to Yang Yang is that when he first wakes up, it tends to be a very slow yawning and stretching … Continue reading "Panda Updates- Monday, February 20"

What is an AZA Institution?

In our most recent Conservation Blog, we spoke a bit about our partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and its rigorous accreditation standards for animal welfare and care. But what does that actually look like in practice? Today we’re discussing what distinguishes an AZA accredited zoo from a roadside animal attraction and … Continue reading "What is an AZA Institution?"


ATLANTA – February 15, 2023 – Jackie, the red panda at Zoo Atlanta, will soon be off on a new adventure at a new home. The 5-year-old male will be leaving Atlanta for Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee during the week of February 20, 2023.  Jackie’s move was recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ … Continue reading "JACKIE THE RED PANDA WILL SOON DEPART ON A NEW ADVENTURE"